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About Us


Anjali Sareen

Co-founder of The Zone, Anjali Sareen, has been in the fitness and movement field since the early 90’s.

Her background ranges from group exercise, martial arts, yoga, pilates, sports and athletic training, dance, strength and resistance training, youth fitness, rehab, pre- and post-natal, special populations, and more.

Anjali is uniquely equipped with the depth of knowledge and experience that working with a wide spectrum of people, using varied disciplines and methods of fitness and movement, brings.

Sharing the knowledge along with the experience

For Anjali, knowing and learning the theory of teaching fitness is only the starting point; understanding the practicality of how to use and adapt that for varied goals is most important. Passionate about teaching she takes this approach into all her varied education programs in fitness and teacher-training.

As India’s only Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer she was responsible for introducing and carrying forward education programs to train people to become Pilates instructors.

Working with an integrated approach

Her belief that fitness is not the domain of any one program only, has led her to nurture professionals in varied movement disciplines including dance, martial arts and yoga.

All her teaching is based on the concept of functional fitness with a focus on improving overall strength, muscular endurance, posture, coordination, balance, and agility.

She emphasizes on the importance of learning how to move most effectively and efficiently while creating minimal stress to the body. Her strong belief being that with this knowledge, all and any movement will follow naturally and strongly; be it daily living (climbing stairs, playing with your children, driving, lifting etc) any sport, fitness program or outdoor activity, and more.

Being in The Zone

The Zone is constantly evolving; a work in progress.

Being in the field of movement we believe there is no other way to be; as the knowledge and information available in this dynamic field changes, we too progress and grow.

What does stay, forever consistent, is our core philosophy: helping you stay committed to a healthier, fitter lifestyle; through personalised programs.

All our programs focus on an integrated holistic approach to combine cardio, strength, core, flexibility, and functionality.

The Zone was started in the early 90’s as a group exercise studio with varied classes such as step, aerobics, boot camp, cardio-boxing, strength and flexibility to programs in dance (classical, contemporary, salsa), martial arts (karate, kalaripayattu, tai chi) and yoga.

Setting the Bar

In 2001 The Zone service offering expanded to include a comprehensive range of strength and cardiovascular equipment with a focus on individual personalised fitness programs. A first of its kind in India at the time.

In 2006 The Zone was responsible for introducing the first fully-equipped Pilates studio to India; offering programs on specialised equipment. We also introduced the only internationally-recognized Pilates education program (Stott Pilates) for teacher training in India.

We conduct training programs in Bangalore and across the country.

Our focus on functional fitness goes beyond offering it as a currently popular and trendy program. It is the basis of all our training and teaching programs.

We offer programs in group and individual settings for varied and specialised populations that include youth fitness, pre- and post-natal, sports, rehab and more.


Sharat Sareen

A passion for fitness led Sharat Sareen to co-found The Zone with his wife, Anjali.

His unrivalled expertise in the technical aspects of equipment, training methods, and the latest innovations in the fitness industry, along with his experience in conducting in-house training for fitness instructors, has him always at the helm; introducing training programs that have immediate relevance to current lifestyles, goals and needs of individuals.

His ability to nurture, guide and motivate has helped many in successfully establishing and following their goals; be it a fitness professional, an individual looking to adopt a healthy, fit lifestyle, or a sportsperson. His expertise with respect to equipment and training methods is sought after by industry professionals country-wide.

Sharat’s firm belief in Pilates as a mind-body conditioning method is reflected in his statement, ‘Whatever you do, Pilates can make you do it better’.

He finds the generalised ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to be ineffective; believing that fitness and health for each individual should be personalised and based on specificity and functionality.