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At the heart of The Zone Mind and Body Studio is Pilates. This is because, we firmly believe that applying the principles of Pilates to any movement can only help improve it. And don’t we all want to be stronger, more effortless, and more efficient when we move?

About Pilates

  • A mind-body conditioning method, it was developed over 100 years ago by German-born, Joseph Pilates.
  • He developed this method of exercise using resistance equipment such as the reformer, stability chair, ladder barrel, cadillac/trapeze; and mat exercises.
  • With the resistance equipment, exercises can be modified to help correct postural and muscular imbalances according to specific needs and goals.
  • The focus is on building core strength; along with training the body to move efficiently with correct muscular engagements.
  • This method of exercise helps to improve functional fitness; which is the ability to do daily living activities as efficiently as possible.
  • It helps to build a strong foundation for athletic training and sports.
  • Rehab and special populations benefit from this training.

Pilates at The Zone

The Zone offers a fully equipped machine based program that includes Reformers, Cadillac/Trapeze, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, along with other small equipment such as jump-boards, rotational disks, stability cushions, fitness circles, foam rollers, and more.

The Pilates team is led by Anjali Sareen who was also responsible, in 2008, for introducing to India Pilates Teacher Training education programs of STOTT PILATES; considered to be a top world-wide Pilates education provider. Since then Anjali has been training a constantly growing number of Pilates teachers from within India and overseas.

The Pilates program is based on contemporary thinking that incorporates modern exercise principles, with a strong emphasis on functional fitness. The goal being to make it relevant to current lifestyle concerns, while focusing on making it effective and result-oriented for specific goals and activities.

Focus is on

  • Core Strengthening – Total Body Fitness – Functional Training
  • Toning & definition – Sports-specific strengthening
  • Decreasing risk of injury – Post-rehabilitation strengthening
  • More efficient movement patterns & muscular engagements
  • Improving fitness levels across age-groups
  • Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness
  • Lifestyle-related concerns (neck, shoulder, knee, lower back & more)

Pilates Applications

Pilates can be done as a stand-alone fitness program or integrated with other forms of exercise and movement; to actually improve and achieve better performance in a wide range of activities, e.g., golf, cricket, swimming, running, tennis, horse-riding, basketball, cycling, dance etc.

It improves cardiovascular efficiency and endurance, while strengthening the core. This helps in better posture and a more neutral body alignment; a solid foundation for improving results in sports, outdoor activities, strength training, and more.

In disciplines such as martial arts and dance, Pilates not only creates a higher body awareness but through better posture, stability and balance it helps to create a stronger, more stable base with which to work.

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