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High Intensity & Core Challenge (HICC)

High Intensity & Core Challenge (HICC)

The HICC sessions are high intensity workouts which include training with intervals for cardio and strength gains, core strengthening and athletic training for power, speed, agility and balance.

Focus is on

  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Interval Training
  • Core Strengthening
  • Functional Training

These classes are high on intensity, energy and fun!

Sessions include a varied mix of exercises using equipment such as

  • stability cushions, medicine balls, free weights, tubing
  • spring-based resistance machines
  • and bodyweight-based exercises

Do you play a sport or train for out-door activites? 

Golf, tennis, running, biking and more; these classes will help build strength, endurance, power and agility.

So, if you’re looking to gain an edge or improve your performance in your sport/activity; these sessions will help achieve those goals.

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