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Sports Conditioning

Sports Conditioning

Top dollar athletes worldwide have Pilates as part of their training program. Be it golfers, basketball, tennis and rugby players, cricketers to name some, they all use Pilates as a foundation to enable them to train harder, better and with less injuries. Pilates forms a part of the training regimes of most Olympics athletes.


  • Rehabilitation post injury
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Core strengthening
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Correcting muscular imbalances
  • Focuses on strengthening stabilizing muscles around the joints to enable better sports-specific training
  • Increases mental focus and concentration

‘Pilates is for women’ is an often-repeated statement that can be put to rest looking at the number of male athletes using it to improve their fitness and enhance their sport- performance.

And if there is any doubt left one needs to look at Joseph Pilates, the creator of this method, who used it to build and maintain a body, into his 80s, that defined fitness, strength and vitality. Pilates is often described as a body-conditioning method created by a man for men.

At The Zone we use Pilates along with varied athletic conditioning drills and movements to help athletes improve their sport, correct muscular imbalances, decrease risk of injuries, strengthen post-injury and stress.

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